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  • 6/29/2020 11:46:38 AM - Information about management of industrial Lithium Batteries avaliable in Dismantlers area

Welcome to the FCA Italy S.p.A. website dedicated to End of Life Vehicles recycling

FCA Italy S.p.A. commitment about End of Life Vehicles issue, having a great environmental impact as solid waste, is put into effect by a great number of activities involving both design and solid waste management, in order to ease as much as possible recycling.

This activity is directed in partnership with all industrial chain actors: carmakers, dealers, dismantling companies, shredders and all respective Associations involved.
All activities have a basis not only in 2000/53/CE Directive but also in local laws developed in each Member State.
All Italian and European results  in terms of recycling, reuse and recovery quotas are made available by Eurostat. Beside demonstrating targets’ achievement, they constitute the first step towards the new challenges  expected for 2015.
The aims of this website are to inform whoever has an interest in this topic, to promote communication between actors of industrial chain and to provide a meeting point between dismantling companies and companies which have as core business non-metallic materials recycling.