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Target Fluff

Funding type: Public funding project of the “INDUSTRIA 2015 - Efficienza Energetica del Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico” band.

Goal: Realization of different prototype plants with an industrial scale-up to treat the Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR) treat for recycling and energy recovery through pyro-gasification processes which:
·          Ensure the best performances in terms of energy efficiency, environment and economic sustainability;
·          give the involved industrial partners the autonomy as regards to the problem of landfill disposal;
·          lead allow to the achievement of National targets of energy recovery (5% from 2006 and 10% from 2015) and help to achieve the reuse-recovery target
·          To research of industrial alternatives to the landfill disposal for a waste with high net calorific value
·          To contribute to achieve of aforementioned recycling and energy recovery targets of end of life vehicles
The project idea arises from the end of life management Framework signed on May 5th 2008 by Ministry of the Economic Development, the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea and by all the end of life management chain.
·          Centro Ricerche Fiat – the First Proposer, under the aegis of the End of Life Vehicles Department of Fiat Auto
·          CRS (CFF Recycling Group) – shredder of the NORTH WEST together with the Politecnic of Turin
·          Feralpi Group – steelworks and shredder of NORTH EAST
·          Centro Rottami – shredder in the CENTER of Italy together with Centro Sviluppo Materiali (CSM) and the Sapienza University of Rome
Last: 54 months
Achieved results:The activity of the first period of the TARGET FLUFF project have been focused on testing several technologies in order to sort materials from automotive shredder for their next recycling and for pretreatment of the solid residue to make it suitable for the next high-efficiency energy recovery. The goal of such operations is to ensure the best possible performances from the environment and economic/industrial point of view. The three industrial partners focused the attention in particular on the different energy recovery technologies (pyrolysis, pyro-gasification and gasification). From testing and from the achieved results, it has been possible to draw the flowchart of the more interesting plants for the next development and realization step. All the research activities have been overviewed by CRF both from the environment point of view, carrying out detailed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with the aim of evaluating the environmental impacts of the solutions tested by the partners in comparison with those of the landfill disposal, both from the economic point of view, preparing dedicated business cases in order to evaluate the economic sustainability.
During the second period of the project, starting from the results achieved from testing, the activities of the engineering and next executive design of the pilot plants have been carried out. In such a time, some development activities were still in progress even if one plant was already completed at the partner Centro Rottami.
In the last period of the project, another second plant was realized focusing the attention on the development of post-shredding sorting. The energy recovery part was evaluated in detail preparing several business plans since, without incentives on the produced energy, it is not possible to amortize in reasonable time the investment costs making so energy recovery module is not sustainable from the economic point of view.
·          Press release on January 21st 2009
·          “Il Sole 24 ORE” Press review on January 22nd 2009 
·          ECOMONDO 2010 - 14th International Trade Fair of Material & Energy Recovery and Sustainable Development (Rimini)
·          IARC 2011 - 11th International Automobile Recycling Congress (Budapest)


Comunicato Stampa del 21 gennaio 2009 Articolo Il Sole 24 Ore